Getting Care

Enrollment to Naval Health Clinic Oak Harbor

NHCOH enrollment currently available to Active Duty Service Member (ADSM) and Active Duty Family Members (ADFMs) ONLY, this includes Pediatric Clinic.

 If currently enrolled to Naval Health Clinic Oak Harbor and member retires, they will not be able to re-enroll back to MTF, currently enrollment is closed for Retirees and Ret Family Members. You will be assigned to a Network provider as this is considered a new enrollment

When Active Duty Service Member retires and plans to stay in the area, they will need to contact Health Net Federal Services (HNFS) @ (844) 866-9378 or go to to enroll and set-up payment

TRICARE for Life / TRICARE Plus:

TRICARE Plus Program at Naval Health Clinic Oak Harbor has been closed since August of 2020.
Beneficiaries turning 65yo will still be eligible for TRICARE for Life program depending on active participation in Medicare Part B. Should a beneficiary decline or stop participation in Medicare Part B, they will no longer be eligible for TRICARE benefits.

 TRICARE for Life beneficiaries will still be able to utilize Naval Health Clinic Oak Harbor to fill prescriptions through the pharmacy.

For questions, please contact Health Care Business Operations Department @ (360) 257-9665.

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