Getting Care

Enrollment to Naval Health Clinic Oak Harbor

  • NHCOH is now Mandatory enrollment for TRICARE Prime for the following:
    • Active Duty Service Members
    • Active Duty Family Members
    • Retirees and Retired Family Members
  • Pediatric Clinic: All eligible TRICARE beneficiaries 0-17 years old enrolling to TRICARE Prime
  • Family Practice: All eligible TRICARE beneficiaries 18+ enrolling to TRICARE Prime
  • Active Duty Service Members retiring and staying in the area will need to contact Health Net Federal Services (HNFS) at (844) 866-9378 or go to to enroll and set-up payment.
  • TRICARE Plus / TRICARE for Life (TFL):
    • TRICARE Plus Program has been closed since August of 2020.
    • Beneficiaries turning 65 years old will still be eligible for TRICARE for Life program depending on active participation of Medicare Part B.
    • Should a beneficiary decline or stop participation in Medicare Part B, they will NO longer be eligible for TRICARE benefits.
    • For questions regarding TFL, please contact Health Care Business Operations @ (360) 257-9665.
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